About Total Professional Association Management

TPAM started out with one basic question:

What can we do to make life easier for members of communities and those tasked to  serve them?

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We Focus on Tailoring Solutions for Your Community, including:

Delivering Value to Residents and Tenants

Sustaining Community Stability

Maintaining and Increasing Property Values

Being Accessible — Always

Performing Vital Property Maintenance — Quickly and Cost Effectively

Our Mission

 To Maintain the Greatness & Stability of Communities We Serve.

We accomplish this through a fresh and innovative problem-solving approach that will meet the unique needs of our clients plus help attain their short-term and long-term goals.

How We Can Help You

All communities, complexes, & associations face unique challenges. We develop solutions tailored to meet your needs and goals.

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Efficient Association Management

Our years of experience provide us with a solid foundation to efficiently manage your association and quickly address your community needs.

We manage the day-to-day administration of your property so residents can focus on the important things in their lives and enjoy the community they call home.

We are staffed with experts trained to manage communities of any size and can assist associations with:

Accounting through our full-service finance department

Contract negotiations

Architectural committee consulting

Assistance with Board and Annual meetings

Examination of appropriate levels of property insurance

Property & compliance inspections in accordance with association rules and bylaws

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Focus on the Bottom Line

We create value by providing services that sustain & maximize property values while leveraging innovative technologies to keep costs low.

TPAM is committed to using the finest accounting practices and maintaining financial transparency.

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24/7 Communication System

Our integrated communication system keeps you, your residents, and tenants firmly connected to us. We provide prompt and courteous attention to all requests.

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Quick Maintenance Response

We’re fully staffed with highly-trained maintenance professionals to maintain properties (e.g., painting, pressure washing, etc.) and provide quickly needed repairs (minor plumbing, carpentry, etc.).

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Collaborative Partnerships

We collaborate closely with property managers and real estate agents on marketing strategies that position association properties as owners wish.

By having clear communication with property managers and agents, the association can be made aware of issues professionals are having with marketing properties and work together to better the community.

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Managing Government Partnerships

We’re fully versed on the intricacies of North Florida city and county government agencies. We can help ensure your community remains in compliance with state and county statute changes.

Additionally, we have well-established relationships with the departments that can impact your community and provide the assistance that would serve your residents and tenants well.

How Can TPAM Help You?

Let's Have a Conversation and Find Out!

Meet the TPAM Team

Tom Rowand Jr


Tom is the President of Total Professional Association Management and he brings over 25 plus years of Managing and Servicing Condo, Associations, Office Park and Commercial Associations and Homeowner Associations. He is very active in the day to day operations and actively walks the Properties with both Vendors and Staff that they are entrusted with to ensure they are maximizing the values each property has to offer. His friendly personality and high attention to customer service are vital to the success of our business and the associations we manage.

Michael Murray,

Chief Operations Officer, CAM

Michael brings over 25 years of experience in Homeowner, Condo, and Commercial Association Management. He is well versed in all of the unique aspects that come with Property Management. He has a great way of handling issues that arise with Associations from time to time from Vendor Management, Accounting, Homeowner Violations, Insurance Management, HOA, Condo Law, etc. Aside from his Chief Operations Officer duties, Michael is a CAM at heart. He loves solving issues and takes the proactive approach in communicating with boards and Owners as well as Vendors. He uses the knowledge he has acquired through the years in this industry and often thinks outside the box when trying to set our Associations up to achieve the best service and get the best results

Ray Holloway

Regional Director, CAM

Ray is our Regional Director and he leads our customer service efforts, his “let’s get it done” attitude is his greatest asset. Ray is responsible for communicating directly with association members to ensure their needs are being met. He often helps members receive copies of meeting minutes, finances and other communications. No matter what is needed, Ray is eager to help your residents get what they need in a timely manner. Ray has his Masters Degree from Mississippi State University. He oversees our 7 Local CAMs (Community Association Managers) and assists them with the Management of their respective Associations.

Maria Arrieta

Accounting Department Director

Maria heads our Accounting Department as she oversees and helps the Team with the daily Accounting duties and our monthly Accounting reports. She answers Accounting questions Board Members and Owners have. She has over 20 years of Accounting experience with 15 of those years working with Homeowner Associations.

John Wallace

TPAM Maintenance Director

Maintenance Director doesn’t begin to cover the many skills John possesses. Whether he is leading his team in repairing siding, pressure washing sidewalks or painting exteriors, John is passionate about making each property look it’s very best.

One of John’s specialties is coordinating with outside vendors on grounds and other maintenance areas to ensure residents see the value of their dues reflected in each community. He has been instrumental in growing our Maintenance Division (TPAM Maintenance) as we have added staff, vehicles, and equipment to better serve our Associations needs as they arise.

Jennilyn Bruce

Accounts Payable, CAM Support Director

​Jennilyn is the central point of contact for Accounts Payable activities in addition to serving as a CAM Support Director. Her initiative, attention to detail, strong work ethics and integrity make her an invaluable asset to our Organization. Jennilyn is a critical thinker, a problem solver with a deep drive for Customer Service that aligns well with our Team. After retiring from the United States Army, she graduated from Columbia Southern University with her MBA in Project Management.